The Call to Anarchy Inside Anarchy

By Ahmad Murtala

The inferno of insecurity in the country especially in the North is quite alarming to all citizens concerned both within and the diaspora. The barbarism unleashed due to the haggard, ugly, effigy of slack of security witnessed by the peasants across NorthWest since the coming of this administration is calamitous, the kind of wretched mutilation this helpless housewives experienced cannot be quantified, after being raped and pour acid into their private part—imagine the trauma.

There has never been in history, an individual or group of people living under a sovereign state and that individual or people overpower the government of the land. But, Bello Turji a notorious self-acclaimed bandit leader and his allies Dogo Gide and the rest seem to establish an untouchable casual kingdom under Nigerian Government placing tax on the peasants, dethroning and enthroning traditional leaders as desired, how long can this last?

Bandits - Anarchy
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As people become so straddled with the utterances of Aminu Bello Masari, the governor of Katsina state, calling for people to take arms in self-defense. “Everyone should stand and defend himself” he said as a response when he was asked by a BBCHausa correspondent on the solution and the way forward. Masari vented out his excoriating view concerning the unending tragedy that people face day-in-day-out. In the same video of 5 minutes 15 seconds, he continued expressing his stand as thus…

“When they raid us, we should stand against them, if we die, we are martyrs—if they come and we run into hidden and; in the morning we sprout out abusing community leaders, governor or president; or block road in mass protest, this blockage will affect commuters who are going about their business and what is their fault, if you are truly a man when bandits come why going to hide?—this is why I said everyone should take arms, holding prayer firmly is also an arm…” this is clearly a campaign on fuelling the anarchy that we dived into and already battling with.

He continued, “we have a shortage of security personnel, Katsina state for instance, does not have three thousand policemen—assuming in our population, how many people each police is policing ? It’s a crusade (jihadi) when you lose your life in this course—we do not subscribe to the idea of hunters going after them, rather vigilante group defending their territories where each knows his people and they know him. We are ready to support anyone who needs help and the police are ready to register the arms that people possess. A strict translation virtually verbatim.

Four or Eight years tenure that has beclouded our leaders foresight, smoldering the security architecture inwardly that even after the tenure they would continue to have the same security cover up is hallucinating, because, once the handing over is done, they are strip off from the canopy. Leaders are known for taking the lead, like we see, Idris Deby of Chad in a warfront and recently Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. The call to take arms confronting the bandits whenever they raid, if answered to, we anticipate to see Masari taking the lead in the vigilante regalia may be he would be the first to be shot at since there is a presidential order for anyone seeing with a gun to be gun down, by the federal army.

This isn’t the first time a high ranking government official would express such a kind of belligerent utterance that clearly denotes a failed government. Gen Bashir Salihi Magashi, the defense minister, who is saddled with the coordination of security establishments across the country once said that people should defend themselves. Self-defense in itself, does not need to be told to any sane individual—it’s inculcated already. However, in a conundrum of raiding helpless people who voted for a government on the platter of responsibility to secure their lives and property who faithfully rely that the elected government is capable of doing so—the ponder on their minds would always be such person who said so should resign since the task is beyond his capability, why then would they relax in government houses instigating people to defend themselves and gulping their hard-earned tax via salary paying to their coffers ?

Doffing off the responsibility placed on the shoulders of elected or appointed individuals by themselves hiding behind frivolous excuses such as inducing the populace to martyrdom on nonreligious course—this translates the weakness of the electorates. Yes, in Islam, there are many ways one can die as a martyr, this of course is among, does that warrant to putting responsibility aside and zipping up the ‘security vote’ meant to contain security threat unused to individual accounts while lives are wasting ? Democracy provides the avenue to protest in mass and vent out the anger to bring back a derailing leader to account. Why are they subverting any protest calling to order the leaders to hold their jobs firmly, is protest a threat to democracy ?

The shortage of security personnel to man the border and the Nigerian populace which each police is policing more than 300 people is foreboding. The prognostication was planted in the mind of every sane patriotic individual, that running the most black populous country on Earth with a paltry security personnel is just a time-bomb, the presage was foresighted before plunging. The need for every state to form its own security structure manning the state territory thereby, complementing the Federal police is something to be done in alacrity. It’s illogical running the country on that delicate stance.

I begin to imagine the intricacy and the hemorrhage that is about to ensue in a society consisting of AK47 in every household, and a powdered gun or machete by every child confronting a bloody nonreligious war in a country that budgets billions of Naira on security, through the resources of the land. If that is the case, we should shut down all government establishments knowing that we fully embrace anarchy, if bandits eliminate us all they take over the country and vice versa. But we’ve seen some states that are more bloody like Abia conducting election stashing thirty thousand policemen—but as a C-in-C it’s forbidden to utter such words and remain on the mantle. Vacate the seat first and express whatever stance you hold.

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