Wahala As Little Girl Packs Out of Her Home After Receiving Beating From Parent

A video that has gone viral on social media has shown a little girl of about three or four years old angrily packing her school bag after receiving a ‘small’ beating from her parents.

The video which was shared by one of her older siblings showed the girl packing her school bag amidst laughter and pleadings from her family member. But the little warrior refused to listen to them, she was heard saying
‘Leave me , give me my bag’, and finally walked out of the house with her school bag as her only worldly possession.

Little Girl Packs Out of Her Home | Rudebees

The caption on the video showed the real cause of the little girl’s anger, as it reads;

‘small beat wen Dem beat this one she won pack commit hux for us 🤣🤣 ❤️’

While some of the viewers found it hilarious, others saw it as a cause for concern. One Mr. Oluwanishola Akeju commented on Facebook saying;

“If _this is not staged, then it is worrisome to me.
Our children should be taught to desist from this manner. I saw people laughing at this yet I don’t find it funny.


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This behavior at a time will graduate and you know what it means.
Correction should be accommodated both in adults and in kids of her age. Imagine, she already knows that behavior to pack from the house because of correction given to her…
It’s bad and there is no two ways about it.”

Gideon Uche Nwafor also said;

“This is bad, i hope she didn’t learn this from her Mom always packing her bag and leaving the house after an argument with her dad. Social learning Theory is playing out here .”

It seems like the children of nowadays can never ever live with the parents of years ago. Some people shared stories of when they tried to leave home and how their parents handled them then. Osezua Vector wrote that;

” My sister tried this that year…na the full street help her beg before mum allowed her enter our house again.”

Umerie Micheal also narrated his story;
” The day I tried leaving the house, I was heading to my uncle’s house when I got there I met my father there. He was like what are you doing here with ur bag. I told him that mom flogged me for breaking TV,y father started beating me from there I had to run back to Mom because her beatings was so romantic compared with why my eyes saw in my daddy’s hand .”

However Cynthia Chides gave the girl a lasting advice. She said;

“U never see anything.
_When she grow up, she will thank her mother for the beatings. She will realize that the beating isn’t maltreatment.
Me and 99 others did the same_”

Indeed small beatings here and there and from neighbours too is consider the epitome of discipline in the African culture.

Sadiya Yunus Bello

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