We Don’t Want The Next Shekau From You

By Danladi Bako

Having plenty children can be fun and fulfilling. Some parents’ fulfilment and happiness are tied to a certain number of children.

Moreover, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him… Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.”

There is no universally accepted number of children a couple should have. Some prefers to have none, though not really common in an African setting. Some like to have 2,3 or 4.

Some years back, our parents numbers are like 10,12 Eve in a monogamous marriage. There is no official declaration of a certain number except maybe some countries.

                     Photo: The Guardian

So when deciding the number of children with your spouse whether before or in marriage, keep in mind that societal status is not attained by the number of children neither can they be used as loan collateral.

There are farmers with tens of children and there are billionaires with just a few. Why should you give birth to a number you cannot fend for? Children are pride of their parents when they are appropriately brought up.

Parenting is a money intensive business because a responsible parent should do everything to make their children succeed, acquire quality education and necessities of life.

Deviants terrorising the society are children from some parents. Hoodlums, Bandits, kidnappers et al are bonafide members of some families.

There is a paradigm shift from our generation and that of our forefathers, let this reflect in your thinking and orientation.

In their days quality education was free, they sponsored children to study in the UK with the paltry income from farm produce. Diapers and baby foods prices are not the same.

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If you have the ability for six, born 4 and give them the best life. The society will thank you for it. #BeResponsible, we won’t accept the next Shekau from you.

What does #ResponsibleParenting mean to you? Give your children the most decent life you can afford.


Enrol them in an affordable school, cloth them in decent wears within your budget and an affordable adequate diet.

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